Leichtman Law PLLC is a firm of trial lawyers with global experience who will focus on your business goals.    


First and foremost, you have the right to an honest and transparent evaluation of your case, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. That evaluation includes an assessment of the value that can come from legal action.  It is imperative to prepare a theme for trial from the start.  A trial theme also needs to serve the goals of your business, so that it drives the dispute towards a productive solution from the get-go, and at all times during the course of a matter.

You deserve budget certainty.  That means having your matters handled efficiently and in proportion to what is at stake. We take pride in holding to our budget agreements, and working out alternative fee and payment arrangements that make sense for your business and ours.  In that way, we can bring predictability to your legal spend.  We staff cases appropriately with a seasoned partner and talented attorneys who make your business interests our priority.

To learn more about our philosophy on how we handle and resolve business disputes of all kinds, please contact us.

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